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INCREASING YOUR PRODUCT AWARENESS A product only gets to sell whenever it is recognized in the market. When there is little or no awareness about it, it tends to remain in the market and even exceed its expiring date without anyone looking at it. When you have an excellent understanding of some facts about product sales and service rendering, you will know it has now become very important and a thing of high priority to let the news of your product and awareness reach people but far and near if you must sell to your satisfaction. How do you increase your product awareness? Name and Packaging If you must sell a product or promote the rate people are running to you for services, you must understand the concept of business branding. A good understanding of this concept would reveal to you the importance of having an attractive name that would make everybody want to know the services you are rendering or see the product you are selling. Since you know hearing the name would make people want to see the product, ensure that you package it well enough to attract anyone seeing it for the first time to want to see what is inside the pack. Make the name sweet and ensure the packaging is attractive. Advertisement Whenever people hear the word advertisement, they quickly think of television or radio commercials. Knowing that the world has completely changed and lots of people find it more convenient using their mobile phones for several purposes because they hardly have time to stay in front of television due to work and other activities. To promote the awareness of your product, use several online platforms such as social media to let people know about you, your product and services. The reason is that most people would see and know about your faster than when you utilize the television for your advertisement.


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