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EFFECTIVE METHOD OF INCREASING YOUR PATRONAGE Over the years, several business owners have been struggling with how to draw the attention of more customers to themselves. Most have failed in making this a reality because they have little knowledge of the essential factors that attract people to patronize them. They prioritize things of little importance than matters of vital importance. What are those things you need to do to increase your patronage? QUALITY Indeed any business aims to make cool money, but the error of many businessmen is making money a top priority in their business. The law of wealth emphasizes ensuring that you render quality services rather than focusing on how much you can earn from the services you are providing. When you offer the best product or services as a businessman, a taste of your product/service will keep the customer coming for more and also increase your customer because a satisfied customer would happily recommend you to other potential customers who would stay when they notice you have something awesome to offer. When the quality is good, people won’t have any problem paying for the product/service regardless of the price difference. Nevertheless, you must have it in mind that affordability is also important. Affordability When the quality of your service/product is fantastic, you most never forget people intend to get the best quality product/services at an affordable price, and you have lots of competitors that are ready to offer people affordable prices even if they cannot match the quality of your product. Ensure offering your customers the best quality at the best affordable price. You won’t have to worry much about your patronage because it will naturally increase even when you think you are not working enough to promote it. Promotions Doing something creative and exciting such as games can help promote your patronage. This is because when people understand they stand a chance of winning something significant from patronizing you, they tend to remain loyal if not for the quality you are offering at least it will be for the fun of the game.


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