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E-COMMERCE AND TRADITIONAL TRADING METHOD: WHICH IS THE BEST Before computer or internet came into existence, people have been doing business in several amazing capacities. Buying and selling, before the invention of currency, has been existing. People utilize exchange methods. When money came into existence, people started giving value for cash in a place called market. The era of cash transaction brought about the great traditional method of trading. Traditional Trading Method This is a method of trading that involves you going to a designated place of sales to buy different types of product needed for use at home. For people to be able to sell many products, some of them travel down from one town to another to promote awareness and make sales while some just remain where they are hoping to be located by customers. In a traditional trading method, there is only one method of payment, which is by hand or going to the bank to pay. You don’t get to enjoy making online sales transactions, paying through bank transfer, and other easy methods of payment like you do in e-commerce. E-commerce With the advancement of technology, and the desire of people to enjoy trading with ease at their comfort. E-commerce also is known as the electronic market was created as a platform where you can easily put your product online for the whole world to see and buy from you without you traveling from one country to another. With the use of this method of trading, people developed services that allow their clients or customers to choose if they want a product delivered to their doorstep or if they want to come around to pick it whenever it is convenient for them. Compared to the traditional method of trading where you have to risk your life traveling from one market to another to sell your products, e-commerce gives you the ability to reach out to people without the fear of losing your life on the highway.


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