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BEST TIME TO REBRAND YOUR PRODUCT There is every possibility you have heard about rebranding for a while, and you don’t even understand what it is all about especially when you live in an environment where people claim to engage in rebranding without full knowledge of what it is. Before we proceed in this article, it is crucial to explain the term rebranding. What is Rebranding? Rebranding is the term used for the process which involves the use of a new marketing strategy that includes a complete change of name, term, design and several things that have to do with your business as you deem it fit. Because rebranding involves carefully strategizing and coming up with something new, does it mean every business needs to undergo the process of rebranding, or is it intended for only some specific sets of people? Who Needs Rebranding When your business is moving smoothly, and you are getting enough income either as expected or a little above the expected level, it is vital for you to understand that rebranding is not meant for you because you have succeeded in making your business popular and gaining enough attention that could last you decades if adequately managed. Rebranding is meant for people whose business has lost significant and seems to be going out of the market gradually maybe dues to an unexpected event or a deliberate change that turned out to have a negative effect instead of a positive effect. When is Rebranding Necessary Several people make the mistake of waiting for the business to get worst before taking the giant step of repackaging their services. Once you notice a shift in your position in the market which you sense could end up driving you out of the market, it is advisable to take the bold step of rebranding because delay could be more dangerous than you envisaged.


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